Little Q (2019)

NA / Mandarin / Drama / 108 min

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Puppy Quill(nickname Little Q) is born with a birthmark in the house of Dr. Lo (Frankie Lam), it is being sent to the Chan’s family after two months. Mr. Chan (Roger Kwok Chun On), Mrs. Chan (Charlie Young) and their daughter Chi Kiu (Chu Tian Liu and Angela Yuen plays the childhood and teenage character of Chi Kiu respectively) take care of Little Q, they bond well with each other. As Little Q grows bigger, it is being trained by guide dog trainer Simon (Him Law) . Simon takes it to match with famous chef Lee Bo Ting (Simon Yam). He has become irritable and constantly losing his temper over his sister Bo Yi (Gigi Leung) who resigned her teaching job to help Bo Ting at his dessert house since he lost his eye sight. Bo Ting tries to drive Little Q away for several times, but as a well trained guide dog Little Q always stays by Bo Ting’s side and protects him under any circumstances. Eventually Little Q earns Bo Ting’s trust with its loyalty prompting him to take a new lease of life and quit blaming his blindness. He continues to delve into new dessert recipe and travels around with Little Q. However, as Little Q gets older and Bo Ting gets sick, the two of them has to face an unwilling separation......

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