Edward Scissorhands (2023)

PG / English / Fantasy / Romance / 122 min

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A gentle man, with scissors for hands, is brought into a new community after living in isolation.

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Edward Scissorhands Reviews

Iqbal Hamdi
10 November 2017
The best movie ever
Overall: 5
By far, the most greatest movie of all time.

Huang Weiquan
16 November 2017
True Classic
Overall: 5
Will never get tired of this movie even after watching it for some many times already.

Thomas Gan
18 November 2017
One of the best
Overall: 5
It's Johnny Depp, always a great performance. Watch it.

Sinsin Stupefy
16 November 2017
Overall: 5

Cruz Sim
21 October 2017
Keep watching
Overall: 4
Classic movies can't go wrong.

Dare to watch
26 October 2017
Beautiful but tragic.
Overall: 4
I love the way Burton created a gothic fairy tale in the modern suburban setting, with vibrant colors and wacky characters filling up the screen. Love the creepy as well as romantic and sweet aspects of it. Prepare to weep tears with this beautiful gothic story.

Hau Kit Leong Jonathan
27 October 2017
Overall: 4
What would you do if you had scissors for hands? Hmmmm.....

John Huang
16 November 2017
Overall: 3

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