Bismillah Kunikahi Suamimu (2023)

PG / Indonesian / / 111 Mins

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Malik and Hanna are expecting their first child, and they are overjoyed. During one of Hanna`s regular checkups, she gets a new doctor who doesn`t allow Malik into the room. She discovers that this is because the beautiful doctor named Cathy was Malik`s ex-lover during their schooling days. Soon after, tragedy strikes and Hanna develops cancer during the late stages of her pregnancy. She has to undergo an operation that carries a risk of her losing the baby. While on the operating table, she becomes delirious and tries to force Malik to promise to marry Cathy if she dies. The two refuse and convince Hanna to stay strong for her baby. From this, an awkward love triangle forms and slowly turns into friendship.

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