Godzilla II: King Of The Monsters Movie Poster

Godzilla II: King Of The Monsters

PG13 / English / Action / Adventure / NA

Director Michael Dougherty 
Cast Kyle Chandler, Vera Farmiga, Millie Bobby Brown, Bradley Whitford, Sally Hawkins, Charles Dance 
Release Date 30 May 2019


Macus J Fox
29 May 2019
Once the film started, the theater was packed, anticipation was high and the audience was not disappointed by the movies massive monster battles. Applause broke out several times as Godzilla squared off with his giant rivals. You will not be disappointed but the trilled will made you alert throughout till the end. 1 of the best n awesome movie ever created

John Lsh
29 May 2019
The best Gozilla movie
The acting, the visual, the effects, the directing, the sound effects were amazingly well done. Definitely falling in love with Gozilla after watching this movie comparing to the previous movies! A lot of fighting scenes too!! Again, One of the best and most entertained movie in 2019!!! Amazing!

Teddy Rufus
08 June 2019
A Godzilla Fan
Simply Amazing beautiful movie, as expected the visual and CG is top class. A worthy to watch movie for all Godzilla fans and truly sad that Gozilla won't have a home to go back to anymore

Evelyn Lee
02 June 2019
Best movie in 2019
Has been a Godzilla fan all this while. Glad to say this movie did not disappoint me at all. it's even better than the 1st! Looking forward to the sequel.

Asybiel Seah
10 June 2019
Super nice compared to 1st one
This part is super nice compare to 1st part. The ending where the phoenix boot licker monster bow down haha it makes my hair tingle

Benjamin Goh
31 May 2019
Mothra is bae
I am not gonna spoil the movie but Mothra is bae, and godzilla is like your homie from your hood clearing your human shit up again

Okuz Unolambretta
03 June 2019
Wheres kong?
Cant wait for Kong Vs Gozilla. Abit disappointed that kong was not around..But 2 thumbs up..worth the watch

Emmanuel Soh
15 June 2019
Great hype
I am a Godzilla fan ever since the watching the Heisei series from Japan but US is surprisingly doing a good job , hope to see shin godzilla 2

31 May 2019
Full of action but the story line is stupid. The motive and agenda is screwed up. Worth to watch in the cinema.

01 June 2019
Long live the king
Though didn’t watch chapter 1, but you won’t be lost in most parts of the movie.. Bringing myths alive are the best parts of the movie! The fighting scenes of the titans are the best indeed!

10 June 2019
A little draggy
Found the movie a little too draggy for my liking. The plot was alright. Movie is full of action. Probably more suited for adults than kids.

James CCG
01 June 2019
The sequel is better than the first. Interesting storyline. Visual effects was amazingly good with lots of thrills and action.

15 June 2019
Yes, predictable ending but not so predictable storyline. True classic though. BTW, how long are the legs of gozilla if more than 95% of it can be seen walking alongside ships?

Shaun Loh
13 June 2019
Interesting movie
The 2nd movie has a more interesting storyline as compared to the first movie that came out a few years back. Love the action and fighting between the kaijus!

04 June 2019
Exciting monster war
It was exciting. Very cool visual and effect. The monsters war are great. Cant wait to watch the sequel

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