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NC16 / English / Horror / Superhero / NA

Director David Yarovesky 
Cast Elizabeth Banks, David Denman, Jackson A. Dunn, Matt Jones 
Release Date 09 May 2019


Fion Lim
16 May 2019
Pretty scary!
There are certain parts which are kinda gory. So far the thriller of the year, since <<Life>>. Horror film fans shouldn't miss this!

26 May 2019
Gotta be open minded
Every era in every art forms, there must be some bolder artists who do trial and errors on hybrids to test what work what doesn't work. That's how we got the current rock genre from the previous rock and roll.. when musicians dared to turn up the volume until the amp was distorted. I feel like this is one of those trials.

James CCG
15 May 2019
Not bad
Very gory and bloody visuals. Not a movie for family with kids. Storyline is pretty straight-forward.

09 May 2019
For gore movie lovers
I think James Gunn is better off with guardians of the Galaxy.... This movie is really disappointing..

Teddy Rufus
14 May 2019
Overly Gross
I was hopping more of a superhero gone rogue but it turn out to be superhero (SAW) edition. Too much gross killing and horrid display in the movie, I personally feel that it becomes a bit too much like the director is venting out his fustration in the movie. Definitely don't find the breaking of jaws or gorging out the eyeball being tasteful. Definitely keep your kids far away from this movie. Watch at your own risk

Cassy Male
12 May 2019
not good :(
not a recomended movie to watch , I really don't like this movie. Please dont watch this or else you'll regret.

Asybiel Seah
16 May 2019
Worst movie ever.
Superman wanna be movie producer. Last part ending left us hanging. He can't be killed. So they still plan to make part 2? Lol total turn off.

Ryan Low
13 May 2019
Horrible film
No story line, excessive violence! Unless you like endless scares and violence, this is not the movie for you

Felicia Hale
10 May 2019
Worse movie ever
Began with a interesting story but the ending of the movie was shit lol dont waste your time and money

Sakinah Fauzi
18 May 2019
A story with no purpose
Don't waste your time and money watching this shit show. It's slow and it doesn't even end with an explanation i.e. which world the boy came from. Like the others that have mentioned, it's just a kill fest. You cross him, he kills you. Nothing else. Boring as hell.

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